Our History

The Middle Trinity Groundwater Conservation District (MTGCD) is a political subdivision of the State of Texas. On May 4,2002, the voters of Erath and Comanche Counties confirmed the creation of the District and each elected two initial Directors. In addition, Erath County voters granted the authority to levy and collect a property tax in an amount not to exceed one and three quarter cents per $100 of property valuation to pay for maintenance and operation of the District. In November 2002, the MTGCD opened its office at 150 N. Harbin, Suite 434, in Stephenville, Texas. Mr. Ed Withers, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and his wife, Glenda, manned the office and initiated preliminary operations. On May 26, 2003, the Board of Directors hired Joe Cooper as the new General Manager to bring the District into full operational status.  Four initial Board Members served as the entire Board of Directors until May 2004. On the third Saturday in May 2004, an election was held in each county in the District for the election of six (6) Board Directors, three (3) from Erath County and three (3) from Comanche County. The new Directors from each county drew lots to determine which county would have two Directors who serve four year terms and one Director who serves a two-year term, and which county would have two Directors who serve two year terms and one Director who serves a four-year term. The Directors from each county then drew lots to determine the length of the term that each Director from that county would serve. The drawing of lots resulted in Comanche County receiving the two, four (4)-year terms and one, two (2) year term with Erath County excepting the one, four (4) year term and two, two (2) year terms. After drawing lots for individual terms the official Board of Directors for the MTGCD was complete. Beginning with the May,2006 election all Board position will be 4 year terms to allow for staggering of vacancies. Subsequent elections will be held every two years to fill the Board positions that expire at the end of those terms.

The Board of Directors holds regular monthly meetings and the public is encouraged to attend. These stated meetings are normally held on the first Thursday of each month at 1:00 p.m. at the home office, located at 930 Wolfe Nursery Rd, Stephenville, TX. The Board Meeting Notice and Agenda are posted at the District Office, Erath, the Courthouse notice boards of Erath, Comanche, Bosque and Coryell County, the Texas Secretary of State website and on this web site.

In December of 2008 the Middle Trinity GCD purchased a property at 501 S Austin in Comanche TX. This property will be used as a lab/storage facility. There will no longer be a registration office in Comanche County.

 The District office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. January 1, 2007 MTGCD hired James Weston "Wes" Burris to fill the position of Field Technician. This position was created to help with water monitoring, well plugging and many other "technical" and physical duties of the district. Wes Burris resigned his position as Field Technician as of December 31, 2008. December 1, 2008 the District hired Johnny D. Wells to fill the position vacated by Mr. Burris.

Office Location

The home office address is 930 N. Wolfe Nursery Rd. Stephenville, TX 76401

Addition of Bosque County on Saturday May 9, 2009 Bosque County held a general election to confirm annexation into the Middle Trinity Groundwater Conservation District and to approve the District as a taxing entity in Bosque County. The vote passed with 2482 voting "for" and 239 voting "against". Votes were canvassed on May 14, 2009 at the Middle Trinity GCD home office in Erath County. With MTGCD Board members approving the canvass Bosque County was officially annexed into the MTGCD. Three temporary Board Directors will be appointed by Bosque County Judge Cole Word to represent Bosque County's interest on the MTGCD Board until the next odd numbered year in which permanent board seats will be elected.  On Monday July 13, 2009 three temporary directors were appointed to represent Bosque county on the Board of Directors of the Middle Trinity Groundwater Conservation District. These were Alan Day- Kopperl TX, Barbara Domel - Meridian, TX, and Bobby Joe Conrad - Clifton, TX. These directors will serve until May of 2011 at which time all three seats will be up for election. After the election, directors will draw for staggered terms of two or four years.

Election in Coryell County on Tuesday November 3, 2009, Coryell county held a general election to confirm annexation into the Middle Trinity Groundwater Conservation District and to approve the District as a taxing entity in Coryell County. Official results were in favor of the annexation and approval of tax levy by a vote of 1,454 for and 812 against. 

Our Mission The mission of the Middle Trinity Groundwater Conservation District is to conserve, preserve and protect the quality and quantity of the groundwater resources for the citizens of Bosque, Comanche, Coryell and Erath Counties. To accomplish its Mission, the District will work to minimize the draw-down of the water table, prevent the waste of groundwater, prevent interference between wells, preserve the historic use of groundwater, prevent the degradation of the quality of groundwater, use public education to promote water conservation, give consideration the service needs of municipal water utilities and the agricultural community, and carry out the powers and duties conferred under Chapter 36 of the Texas Water Code. The District believes that the economy, environment and quality of life will all be positively impacted by the achievement of its mission.


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